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do you ever just…


and think about the impact on the world you have…?

do you ever just sit down and realize all the lives you’ve touched, for better or worse…?

and, perhaps most importantly, do you ever wonder what the world would be like without you…?

do you think about your friends? family? employers? teachers? even the person you passed on the street on tuesday?

and do you ever think maybe, just maybe, that their lives would have been better without you…? Do you ever think about what your family would have done with the two hundred thousand dollars to took to raise you? do you ever think about the time and energy they spent beating the most simple rules of existence into your thick skull? how about all those refferals you got for showing up to class late or all the paper work your teacher had to do, the hours and hours of wasted time correcting some bullshit curriculum that you’ve either had the misfortune of completing or not at all? 

how about the hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk you’ve consumed in your life

the miles of wheat you’ve used to make sandwhiches for lunch

think of all the times you’ve crawled to your friends begging for something stupid or another and made them feel terrible when they couldn’t help

do you ever think about these things

because i do

imagine the insurmountable number of cotton plants picked to make the pants you’ve worn out or outgrown or carelessly torn

think about people you’ve snapped at and the pounds of gold in all the electronics you’ve ever discarded.

think about the people you’ve bumped into in a crowded store

think about the last gameboy on the shelf at christmas

think about the cashier you barked at because they rang out four cans of spaghetti os instead of three

do you ever think about it…? 


  1. narnianbirthcybertronianspark said: All the time. But I believe everything is made to work out for the overall good of…well, everything, you know?
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